Announcing Camp Champion’s New Facility, Opening 2021 in Scenic Somers, Montana



Camp Champion, a division of Champion for Success, a Montana 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, closed in Summer 2020 on a beautiful 5-acre property and began renovations. This facility’s scenic location overlooks some of the most iconic locations in the United States—Glacier National Park, three breathtaking mountain ranges, and strategically located close to Flathead Lake.

Mary Lyn Hammer, President, and CEO, said, “I’m SO excited! It has been my lifelong dream to open this facility. The land and buildings we purchased have a spectacular view of the mountains and Flathead Lake, which is the perfect setting for our personal development training facility. In 2021 after renovations and when lockdowns lift, we will begin to offer classes, corporate training, and empowering programs for children.”

Camp Champion’s program specifically targets helping people transcend limitations and establish a firm sense of self-esteem. The curriculum at Camp Champion is a unique blend of proprietary programs plus materials developed by other organizations.  Program goals are to build self-esteem through individual and group experiences to empower each person to find their inner champion. Ms. Hammer said, “We want every participant to leave believing, ‘I am a Champion!’ and having a clearer understanding of their life direction.”

Aerial view of new Camp Champion facility

Camp Champion’s lessons lead people into realizations that cause positive change. Every activity is specifically designed with a central core lesson tied to it. Lessons dig into finding and pulling to the surface the challenges of the individual and are followed by physical activities that symbolize something critical in the lesson being transformed.

To learn more about the Camp Champion or to gain an overview of the planned programs, visit or email

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