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Sumerian artifact

Community is our strength.

With community, together we share, dream, build and hope. When support is needed, others uplift and help. As a resource, community answers practical needs and promotes stability


some skills are best taught by masters

Mentoring is the oldest form of education.

The older counsels the younger, the master guides the apprentice. Mentoring is the most natural form of teaching. The ancient Greek poet Homer sang of Mentor, the teacher of Telemachus, the son of Odysseus.
Mentor signifies loyalty, trust and diligence.


mentoring creates superheros

Empowerment is the glow of confidence.

A helpful network and the right training raise self-worth. Supportive community and proper mentoring create empowerment.

Core Concept Articles

The articles below are written to take you more deeply into the concepts of mentoring and how it differs from contemporary education models.

Mentoring Matters

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Mentoring is an ancient form of one person giving an education to another individual. Yet, for many Americans, the concept is relatively new.

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Where community used to arise as a natural part of how people lived, now effort must be put into creating intentional community with specific purposes or missions. The results are well worth the effort.

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Suppose the company you own could improve productivity, reduce employee turnover to less than 5% and become a place where people wanted to come to work. Your organization would become known for its innovation, attracting amazing new talent…

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The richest soil on the planet is said to be found in graveyards where unfulfilled dreams are buried—dreams that were held for a lifetime while being wished into oblivion. “I wish” is a dreamy hope lacking power and motivation.

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Mentors sometimes find themselves in situations where they confuse their roles with teachers, healers or even enablers. Knowing the distinctions among these roles is paramount to successful mentoring.

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Community is the sense of connectedness that is a vital part of human history. The Champion for Success project is devoted to building community through empowerment-based mentoring. What might such a community be like? Here are some possibilities.