A Non-profit with an Important Vision

Upholding our mission to provide sustainable mentoring, empowerment, training, education, and events that facilitate the creation and expansion of healthy life skills and experiences that result in thriving careers, healthy life choices, and community engagement.

“Sometimes, people need a really good mentor to reach short-term or long-term goals. The mission of Champion for Success is to expand what we have been successfully doing for many years and provide expert mentors and programs that support the success of the mentee on multiple levels. You could say this is a ‘teach to fish’ program.” —Mary Lyn Hammer

For three decades our founder has mentored college students through her company Champion College Services.  Mary Lyn Hammer’s life-long focus has been on helping young adults make good decisions before entering college and to provide support in the transition from training and education into the workforce. She has already touched the lives of over 3 million students through her financial literacy outreach and now, she is on a mission to provide additional support to instill healthy life habits.

Growth through Mentoring

Our Programs

Champion for Success has launched three programs, with many others in development.

Teaching financial literacy classes in Arizona

financial literacy   

Construction and development of Camp Champion at Flathead Lake, Montana

camp champion   

Partnership with Champion Empowerment to develop additional life skill programs

champion empowerment   

Today, almost every child is an at-risk child. A great need exists for effective programs that teach life skills and in doing so serve as remedies to prevent bullying, self-harm, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicide.  Providing preventative solutions to address societal issues is what motivates us. Champion for Success is working hard to provide solutions to our most pressing societal issues.  The vision is to get the community involved in empowering each other. As we pay it forward, we create a community atmosphere that helps itself by helping each other.