Champion for Success Programs

Champion for Success, Inc., a Montana 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation on a Mission to Help Youth Succeed

Champion for Success Mission

Upholding our mission to provide sustainable mentoring, empowerment, training, education, and events that facilitate the creation and expansion of healthy life skills and experiences that result in thriving careers, healthy life choices, and community engagement.

Champion for Success founder, Mary Lyn Hammer, has mentored college students through her company, Champion College Services, for three decades.

Ms. Hammer’s personal goal includes taking knowledge to young adults to help them make good decisions before entering college and to provide support in the transition from training and education into the workforce.

Our programs have been in development for several years and will grow to feature numerous training options for community participation that include mentorship training, life skills, and practical skills that lead to personal, work and financial success.


Available Programs

Champion for Success Offers Financial Literacy Resources

Champion for Success, in conjunction with Champion College Services, has taken a proactive role in financial literacy education by teaching classes in Arizona high schools to educate kids on financial basics. This endeavor is backed by the three decades of experience Champion College Services has had in successfully mentoring over 3 million people on student loan repayment and other financial skills.

Let Champion help your students get smart about basic life skills. Our FREE 90 minute presentation, Financial Literacy 101, is taught at your school and in your classroom. In this short session your students will learn about the following basic skills:

  • Goal setting
  • Types of income
  • Components of a budget
  • Different types of debt
  • Wise spending habits
  • Making sense of credit concepts

Our presentations are customizable to best fit your students’ needs and your instructional goals.

Champion Empowerment

Champion Empowerment Institute is a company created by the Champion for Success founder. This program has developed financial literacy and life skills courses to empower and support young adults.  Life skills include subjects like defining success, making realistic goals, time management, and other practical skills that support self-esteem and self-worth. Champion for Success has taught Champion Empowerment Institute’s “Financial Literacy 101” course in high schools across Arizona for the last year. Champion Empowerment offers life-success tools to subscribers.

Camp Champion

Camp Champion, a division of Champion for Success, Inc., a Montana 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, has purchased a location at the top of a pristine mountain in Montana overlooking some of the most iconic locations in the United States—Glacier National Park, three breathtaking mountain ranges and strategically located just one short mile from Flathead Lake.

Camp Champion is just beginning stages of fundraising and development but it has already developed strategic partnerships with leading programs that offer high success rates that promote honorable behavior, self-accountability, positive self-worth, and beneficial community involvement.