Upholding our mission to provide sustainable mentoring, empowerment, training, education, and events that facilitate the creation and expansion of healthy life skills and experiences that result in thriving careers, healthy life choices, and community engagement.

Champion for Success, LLC. a Non-profit Formed with a Mission

Young boy trying to make himself taller with watering can measuring his growth in height against a blackboard scale

Champion for Success founder, Mary Lyn Hammer, has been mentoring college students through her company, Champion College Services, for over 28 years.  Ms. Hammer’s personal goal was to take knowledge to young adults to help them make good decisions before entering college and to provide support in the transition from training and education into the workforce.

“Sometimes, people need a really good mentor to reach their goals, whether they are short-term or long-term,” explained Ms. Hammer.  “The mission of Champion for Success is to expand of what we have been successfully doing for 28 years and provide expert mentors each step of the way to empower people find their success: you could say this is a ‘teach to fish’ program.  Life is tough and definitely not perfect, but I believe that we can find a way to bring community back to our society and do so in a way where people feel fulfilled again.  This is important individually and is critical to our nation’s recovery.”

Champion for Success has been in development for several years and will grow to feature numerous training options for community participation that include mentorship training, life skills, and practical skills that lead to personal, work and financial success.  Soon we will formally seek experts to volunteer time in their specific area of expertise and knowledge.

“This commitment is different than that of organizations like Big Brothers, Big Sisters who ask for long-term commitments to a specific child.  We ask for short-term commitments from people who are experts in specific subjects needed to attain success in many aspects of life,” said Ms. Hammer.  “For example, someone may be interested in pursuing a career in dental assisting and can shadow a mentor for a few weeks to determine if this is truly the career choice that will bring fulfillment.  It helps them determine what they really like doing before spending thousands of dollars on an education in a particular field that may or may not be right for them.”

Future plans for mentoring programs include those to support young mothers, people emerging abusive relationships and other situations unrelated to education.

“The goal is to get the community involved in empowering each other,” offered Ms. Hammer.  “As we ‘pay it forward’, we create a community atmosphere that helps itself by helping each other.”

Biography of Founder, President and CEO Mary Lyn Hammer

 Personally…Mary Lyn enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her amazing “tweenage” daughter in both Arizona and on Flathead Lake in Montana, where she grew up.  She is an avid skier and would rather participate in sports rather than watch them.  Hiking in the mountains, dancing to Latin, ballroom or country music, and spin class are among her other favorite activities.  She enjoys most kinds of music and theatre, reading, writing, and most creative mediums that offset the analytical, technical nature of her business life.  She loves to laugh and really appreciates getting a full night’s sleep when that occasionally occurs.

She is a trained minister and loves to help people find spirituality, health, happiness, and success in their lives.  Belief and commitment to making dreams come true and changing people’s lives is a driving force in her business and personal life.

But seriously…Ms. Hammer’s belief that education is the vehicle for making dreams come true has led her in a passionate fight, that began in 1987, rectifying problems in the higher education industry to insure future participation for all students.  Her innovative “Hands On” Default Management Program is recognized by the Department of Education for its remarkable results.  Ms. Hammer is the Owner, Founder, President and CEO of Champion College Services, an international company offering default prevention for Federal and private student loans, job placement verification, skip tracing, consulting services, and custom surveys for students, alumni, and employers.

She specializes in staff training, program development, and default prevention operations.  She has participated in training sessions and workshops for numerous state, provincial, regional, national, and private associations in both the U.S. and Canada in a continued effort to share experiences and knowledge.

Ms. Hammer was active in aiding the Department of Education in drafting language for default management that was in effect from 1989 until 1996 (now known as “Subpart M”); she has served three times on negotiated rulemaking committees and was instrumental in working with the Department on regulatory language for cohort default rate appeals, school-based loan issues, and the Cohort Default Rate Guide; and she has worked closely with Congressional Representatives and key staff at the U.S. Department of Education on many issues over her 20 year career in the higher education industry to insure program integrity and access to low income students.

Her accomplishments include the 1989 nomination for the Member of the Year for the National Association of Trade and Technical Schools, the 1998 Outstanding Associate Member for the Arizona Private School Association, the 2000 Best Associate Member Participation for the Arizona Private School Association, the Millennium (2000) and 2006 editions of Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals for both the U.S. and Canada, the 2000 Wall Street Journal’s Businessman of the Year Award for Arizona, the 2005 CCA National Achievement Award for the Allied Member of the Year, and the 2007-2008 Best Associate Member Participation for the Arizona Private School Association.  She has been elected four times to the Board of Directors for the Career College Association, now known as APSCU.  Additionally, she is the Charter Member and former Chairwoman for the Higher Education Allied Health Leaders (HEAL) Coalition and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Private Career Colleges and Schools (PCCS) Regions XIII, IX & X and for the Northwest Career College Federation (NWCCF).

From the inception of the Imagine America Foundation, Ms. Hammer has been a sponsor of this non-profit organization that has awarded over $75 million in scholarships and awards to career college and university students.  The Foundation also sponsors critical research that elevates the public’s understanding of the vital role of career colleges and their students nationwide.  In June 2013, Ms. Hammer sponsored a Kool and the Gang fundraising concert for IAF and the students they serve.

CHAMPION FOR SUCCESS has been in development for several years and will feature numerous training options for community participation that include mentorship training, life skills, and practical skills that lead to personal, work and financial success.