Mentoring Benefits Mentoring Matters

Mentoring Matters

Mentoring benefits everyone involved. It is an ancient form of one-on-one education. Yet, for many Americans, the concept is relatively new. Wikipedia reveals that while mentoring has existed in Europe at least since ancient Greek times, it came to the United States in the ‘70s as “an innovation in American management.” Has our tradition of …

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Envisioning Community

Community is the sense of connectedness that is a vital part of human history. The Champion for Success project is devoted to building community through empowerment-based mentoring. What might such a community be like? Here are some possibilities.

Wish or Will

The richest soil on the planet is said to be found in graveyards where unfulfilled dreams are buried—dreams that were held for a lifetime while being wished into oblivion. “I wish” is a dreamy hope lacking power and motivation.

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